Praise for Annie Imagines

“Bright, beautiful illustrations enhance the intergenerational story exploring curiosity, creativity, and imaginative play. Annie and her grandmother put on their rose-colored glasses to play with garden fairies and make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.”
Carole Hildebrandt, MA
Elementary teacher

“My six-year-old granddaughter and I loved this book!!! A child’s imagination is a gift which needs to be lovingly nurtured. The book’s story, illustrations, and activity pages are a primer for parents, grandparents, and teachers to assist in reaching this goal.”
Jan Bergman, MSW & LCSW
Youth and Family Therapist

Praise for The Candy Rat

 The Halloween RAT story is a creative way for reducing excess and unnecessary sugar. Looking forward to sharing, this story with my little patients and the idea behind it with their patents 
Melika Kashkouil, DMD

 I love everything about this book… illustrations, rhyming narrative and the fact that that it is a family’s personal story, which makes it unique. It will certainly appeal to young boys who love the idea of outwitting a villainous RAT. I can see this fantasy story becoming a tradition with my two boys, ages 7 and 9. Can’t wait for October to begin our adventure. 
John Quinton
Third Grade Teacher

A cute story in rhyme with charming illustrations. This little book explains what happens to the Halloween candy stash even if it has been very carefully hidden. Handy for parents who want to cut down a little on their kids’s candy consumption.
Willa Ralphs
Retired Grade School Librarian