Annie Imagines

Annie Imagines

Annie Imagines
ISBN 978-1-7324405-4-8 print  $16.95
ISBN 978-1-7234405-5-5 ebook  $7.99
32 pages full color illustrations 8 x 10

Annie Imagines story line is about a girl who thinks she sees fairies but isn’t sure.  She turns to her grandmother for an explanation and reassurance.  Through a process of presenting imaginative encounters, Grandma not only helps confirm fairies existence but elevates Annie’s ability see things in a new way, allowing her creativity to soar. 

Creativity is frequently defined as the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.  This is accomplished by developing the ability to perceive the world in new ways… find hidden patterns and make connections between unrelated phenomena that in turn generate something new.

Getting there doesn’t just mean changing how you look at things, but rather,  becoming flexible and tolerant of vague, unclear expression, embracing the unpredictable and savoring the enjoyment of the unknown.

Alice Miller, the famous German child psychologist in her groundbreaking book, The Drama of The Gifted Child, states that the foundation for building children’s confidence and self-esteem is to allow a child to freely express themselves and then, in turn, acknowledge that expression without judgment.  Miller believes that if just one person can regularly offer this to a child, then the values of creative aspiration can bloom.

Our book, of Annie Imagines, embraces both of Miller’s attributes with the introduction of the Grandmother as the creative mentor in Annie’s process of becoming confident.  First by accepting Annie’s expression of doubts and confusion over her perception of fairies.  And secondly, through Grandma’s ability to mirror Annie’s fantastic imagination while gently guiding Annie into acceptance of her creative ability.  Grandma becomes the most important relationship in Annie’s artistic and imaginative development.   This is the basis that builds Annie’ … and any child’s … self-esteem, confidence, and aspiration.

“Bright, beautiful illustrations enhance the intergenerational story exploring curiosity, creativity, and imaginative play. Annie and her grandmother put on their rose-colored glasses to play with garden fairies and make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.”
Carole Hildebrandt, MA
Elementary teacher

My six-year-old granddaughter and I loved this book!!! A child’s imagination is a gift which needs to be lovingly nurtured. The book’s story, illustrations, and activity pages are a primer for parents, grandparents, and teachers to assist in reaching this goal.”
Jan Bergman, MSW & LCSW
Youth and Family Therapist